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non-fungible doctor

exploring NFTs, web3, metaverse and digital health

building the road to

health & care in web3

This is the intersection of digital health, web3, NFTs and the metaverse.Actually there is no road ahead. The road is just being built.Now is the time for roadworkers to build the future of healthcare. Our future.

starting point

digital health

As a medical doctor working in telemedicine, digital health is my home base. Healthcare has seen impressive developments, utilizing digital technology to enable remote care, integrating sensors and wearables. Despite our inflexible health systems, many new services and tools already showed that making healthcare more efficient and accessible is in fact possible. And we are just getting started.

the new road

web3, NFTs & the metaverse

Overhyped or undervalued? Just a playground for some freaks, or the verge of the next revolution succeeding the internet?
The potential in the technology of blockchain and smart contracts is huge, so we better not miss what is happening in this world.
Let’s play and dream and enjoy this fantastic journey.
The application of VR and AR in professional settings has already begun. Some focus on the connection of NFTs and the metaverse, and others emphasize the use cases lying in the metaverse itself.Whatever view we might have, let's face the future that is approaching rapidly, and let's team up to shape and build the future - our future.

Blurring the barriers of reality and fiction

Is it real?

Everybody can dream.
With artificial intelligence, everybody can create.
Everybody can build.
Be everybody.

Project #1 now live

Enter the Med-verse

In the med-verse, healthcare and web3 meet.Grab your NFT from the Heroes of Healthcare Collection.

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